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Best of Five 

These questions consist of a short clinical scenario followed by five responses. Please select the most appropriate response from the list. Answers have been provided together with a short explanation. (please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the links to the questions and the answers) Where available a link to the relevant medical revision  notes has been provided.



Users have posted questions in the forum . Please use the forum to discuss these questions.


Real time online discussion may be conducted using the shout box in the right border.

Navigation Bars

The navigation bars for the questions are in the bottom border of the page.

Individual Questions

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the number of the question that you wish to answer.

Once you have decided on the answer, scroll down to the bottom of the question page and you will find the navigation bar for the answer.

After you have read and understood the answer and explanation that has been given , use the navigation bar in the left border to get back to the main BOF page and go on to the next question.

Some answers have links to notes in our associated website medicalrevision.org

Series of Questions

To do a series of questions use the back-next navigations bars in the right border of the page to move from one question to the nest.

Once you have done the number of questions you wish to answer use the navigation link in the bottom border to view the answer. You will have to use the up button to get back to the question , move to the next question and access the answer.



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