If you find the material on this website useful, you will find that the two books ACES for PACES and KEYS to SUCCESS in Medicine complement the material on these sites and will enhance your studying and revision

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Books for MRCP

A list of recommended books for MRCP is given below

If you buy these books using the amazon link associated with the book, the cost will remain the same to you but the site will receive a commission, which may be used to maintain and develop these free resources


It is essential to have extensive knowledge of medicine. Use these books in conjunction with extensive ward work to improve your knowledge of medicine

Kumar and Clark Clinical Medicine (Paperback)

By Parveen Kumar and Michael Clark

This is the standard textbook used by most and the one that the college tends to use.  Read through it thoroughly

Oxford Textbook of Medicine (Oxford Textbook)

By David A. Warrell, Timothy M. Cox, John D. Firth, and Edward J. Benz

Use this as a reference. Read important subjects from this and refer to it in cases of difficulty


Basic Medical Sciences for MRCP Part 1

By Philippa Easterbrook

Use this to revise basic sciences. Refer to it when doing best of five questions



To consolidate knowledge that you have gained you must revise repeatedly. This is not possible using large textbooks. Short revision notes are essential. We have produced a set of revision notes specifically for this purpose. They have been designed specially to aid understanding of the subject and to facilitate memorising.



Ajith Jayasekera

Best of Five Questions

Use these books to practice best of five questions

Get Through MRCP Part

By Osama S.M. Amin


Best of Five Questions for MRCP Part 1

By Helen Fellows


MRCP 1: 300 Best of Five

By Geraint Rees


MRCP Part 2

Rapid Review of Clinical Medicine for MRCP: Pt. 2

By Sanjay Sharma


100 Diseases for the MRCP Part 2

By Timothy Gray and Miles Witham



Clinical Methods (History Taking Skills, Physical Examination Skills, Communication Skills)

Analysis of Symptoms and Signs

The main emphasis in PACES is clinical skill, including communication skill, and analysis of clinical features. Without knowing this there is little hope of passing the exam.

Questions on investigation and management will be asked only after satisfying the examiners that one is capable of the above.

A.C.E.S for P.A.C.E.S. Advanced Clinical Evaluation System for Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills

by Ajith Jayasekera

Use this to learn clinical skills, including communication skill, and how to analyse clinical features

It will enable you to achieve the abilities required by the Royal College of Physicians

Their guidelines are as follows :

MRCP Part 2 Clinical Examination (PACES) will test ability to:

  •  Demonstrate the clinical skills of history taking
  •  Examine a patient appropriately to detect the presence of absence of physical signs
  •  Interpret physical signs
  •  Make appropriate diagnoses
  •  Develop and discuss emergency, immediate and long-term management plans
  •  Communicate clinical information to colleagues, patients or their relatives
  •  Appreciate the ethical issues that relate to day-to-day clinical practice




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